Occupational Health and Safety

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Above: Staff undergoing bear safety awareness training.

At Geoterra, we believe in a collective responsibility to promote a safe and accident free working environment. The management of Geoterra IRS Ltd. is committed to safety and is determined to promote safe and healthy working conditions and attitudes within the Company. It is the responsibility of every employee to respect and honour all aspects of Geoterra's Occupational Health & Safety Program.

Programs like Initial Orientations, Worksite Inspections, Hazard Identification, Tailgate Safety Meetings, Risk Assessments, Incident Reports & Investigations and individual accountability will enable us to meet our Health & Safety goals. In addition to Geoterra's own comprehensive safety program, we also comply with our clients specific H&S policies. In that same regard, Geoterra is committed to the Health and Safety of our employees, subcontractors, visitors and clients. We ensure that our employees have all the necessary certifications such as WHMIS, ATV safety, Bear Aware, Occupation First Aid with Transportation, and H2S Awareness among other safety related training and courses courses.

Geoterra has received its Occupational Health and Safety's Certificate of Recognition (COR) in conjunction with its Safe Companies Certification with the BC Forest Safety Council. Geoterra is a registered vendor with ISNetworld with a 100% score in both the Canadian Management Systems Questionnaire (MSQ) and the Safety Program Review (RAVS). Geoterra is fully insured, including vehicle, equipment , professional and liability insurance coverage.

Employees and management collectively share an unwavering commitment to high quality work, efficient production and stringent safety standards. It is our obligation and goal to provide knowledge, training and guidance in an effort to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.