Employment Opportunities


Above: An employee collects and enters survey data

Do you have an interest in the natural resources? Are you tired of corporate rigidity, or need an avenue to explore your professional creativity? Do you feel like companies these days just don't care about their employee's? We Care. Geoterra is a equal opportunity company that stresses flexibility and respect. Our employees have opportunities to display their diverse skills and creativity. We cultivate an environment of friendship, safety, responsibility, and satisfaction. Field work often occurs in remote areas, where employees work in pairs to facilitate safety and comfortability.

The regular assets of knowledge and experience in the aspects of natural resource management will be considered in applications, but we also apply weight to an applicants ability to multi-task, organize, problem solve, help and learn from coworkers. We believe specific tasks can be taught, but the desire to be self reliant, dependable, and creative is cultivated. An employee's ability to provide a diverse skill set in the field and office will be rated highly.

If you desire a position with opportunities to grow, learn, and share please apply to: -This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Job TitlePosting DateStatusPDF
 Forestry Supervisor 26.June.2020 Open Download Full Job Description
 Natural Resource Technologist 26.June.2020 Open Download Full Job Description
 Multiphase Forest Development Personnel 3.April.2019 Closed Download Full Job Description
 Timber Cruiser  3.April.2019 Closed Download Full Job Description