environmental survey

Above: An areal survey conducted as a part of an environmental assessment

Geoterra offers a range of environmental and natural resource management services to meet client needs in British Columbia. Our environmental services start in the planning stages, through construction to final reclamation. Geoterra has a long history and excellent working relationship with First Nations, Government and Industry in British Columbia.

  • Phase One Environmental Site Assessments
  • Invasive Plant Management
  • Environmental Compliance & Monitoring
  • Environmental Inspections
  • Grass Seeding, Re-Vegetation & Seeding Establishment
  • Stream, Soil & Wildlife Assessments
  • Soil Sampling
  • Regeneration Assessment on Harvested Lands
  • Re-Vegetation & Eco-Classification Plans
  • Project Administration, Implementation & Compliance Evaluations
  • Rehabilitation, Reclamation & Growth Analysis
  • Vegetation Eradication Management & Monitoring
  • Research Trials and Reports
  • BC Government & First Nations Liaison & Consultation