Forest and Land Management

A recently cleared section of forest

Above: A small patch of forest that has been recently cleared

Geoterra specializes in professional British Columbia forestry. We have extensive experience in all aspects of forestry ranging from per-development planning, through operations (Forestry Fibre and Wood Utilization) to reclamation and silviculture. Our land management division offers land agent services that aid our clients in the acquisition of the required BC permits to fulfill project needs. Geoterra has BC Forestry Professional staff with an extensive history and strong British Columbia working relationship with Government, Industry and First Nations.

  • Pipeline Clearing & Inspections
  • Timber Harvesting Field Assessments (Pre-Operational, Post Operational)
  • Master License to Cut Applications & Cutting Permit Applications
  • BC Appraisals & License to Cuts
  • Supervision, Monitoring & Guidance of Clearing Activities
  • As-Built Record Submissions & Access Management Plans
  • Forest Health Productivity Assessment & Timber Supply Analysis
  • Operational Clearing Plans
  • Non-conformance mitigation & mediation
  • Volume Estimates of Merchantable & Non-Merchantable Fibre (Field & Digital)
  • Provide Least Cost Stumpage Option
  • Timber Cruising & Compilations
  • Fibre Utilisation Planning & Maximum Salvage Value
  • Photo Interpretation, Delineation & Reconnaissance
  • Preparation & Submission of OGC & ILMB Applications
  • Preparation & Assistance of NEB & BCEAO Applications
  • Integrated Digital Mapping
  • Consultation on Legislative & Regulatory Requirements in British Columbia
  • Digital Data Processing, Database Linking & Software Development
  • GIS Development
  • First Nations, Government & Stakeholder Consultation & Liaison